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Types of keyboards

Most computer users use the standard keyboard, which connects to the computer. Although there are many types of a computer keyboard, such are as follows:

1. Flexible keyboard: It is a type of keyboard that is made of soft silicone with highly portable. It is water and dust-resistant and does not require constant cleaning. It acts the same as a standard keyboard and connects to the computer via a USB connection serial port. These types of keyboards can also be more durable in terms of some ways, as compared to a traditional keyboard.

The flexible keyboard is made of soft silicone that saves it from a number of different substances. For instance, if you use the keyboard near the liquid spaces, the silicone skin provides excellent protection against spills. Furthermore, it does not make a sound when being used; that's why it is also called a silent keyboard. These keyboards are useful for traveling time because they can be rolled up into a bag and flexible in outdoorsy situations.

What is Keyboard

2. Ergonomic Keyboard: This type of keyboard is beneficial for your body posture. Instead of adjusting yourself to fit the keyboard, it is designed to fit you easily, ease of use, and reduce strain. It is designed in that way; instead of bending their hands, it allows users to straight their hands. Generally, the space-bar is bigger as compared to a regular keyboard, which allows for fast typing.

What is Keyboard

3. Wireless Keyboard: It is a computer keyboard that is connected to computers, laptops, or tablets without any cables. It uses radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR), or Bluetooth technology to connect with devices. Users can move the wireless keyboard around without having to put it on a desk as it provides portability and flexibility to the users. It is designed by stainless steel material that increases its life for a long time. It can set up very easily by plugging the USB receiver into the computer.

It utilizes light waves to transmit signals to other infrared-enabled devices as it is based on infrared technology. Some wireless keyboards use radio frequency technology, which communicates via signals with a range from 27 MHz to up to 2.4 GHz.

What is Keyboard

4. Mechanical Keyboard: It is made with high quality that commonly used in both home and office. It is designed for long life with high durability and responsiveness. It provides crisp click sound, medium resistance, and better feedback for gaming performance and ultimate typing. It offers framing, switches, type print methods, functionality, PCB board, key construction, LED lighting, or more other better features as compared to traditional rubber dome keyboards.

What is Keyboard

5. Virtual Keyboard: It is a software-based keyboard that enables users to type without the need for physical keys. It is an alternative for a physical keyboard or a digital representation of a QWERTY keyboard. These types of keyboards commonly have many pages of characters, including numbers, letters, punctuation, and symbols. Some virtual

keyboards also include options to insert emojis, stickers, or animated GIFs on the basis of the device's operating system. The devices that contained virtual keyboard are tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices, because these devices do not require the constant use of a physical keyboard.

Examples of virtual keyboards

  • Gboard: Google created a virtual keyboard for Android and iOS that includes features like GIFs, customizable themes, and translation capabilities.
  • OSK: It stands for an on-screen keyboard. It is commonly found in Microsoft Windows.
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